OMEN Shadow Elf 8 Pro combat report: 140W full power consumption RTX 3060 blessing, N mainstream gaming experience

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OMEN Shadow Elf 8 Pro combat report: 140W full power consumption RTX 3060 blessing, N mainstream gaming experience

Recently, the OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro game book has been restocked and sold. This model is equipped with a hardware configuration centered on the 12th generation Intel® Core™ processor + NVIDIA GeForce® RTX™ 30 series mobile graphics card. It is committed to providing players with more Cool gaming experience. Today, we will take a look at the real strength of this machine through theoretical performance evaluation and game testing. Before testing, let's have a deeper understanding of the GeforceRTX30 series mobile graphics cards that this game book is equipped with. Since its release, the RTX30 series mobile graphics cards have been a frequent visitor to gaming laptops of various brands. From the entry-level RTX3050 to the flagship RTX3080Ti, they are widely used in gaming laptops of various brands. Some users may have questions, if several gaming laptops are equipped with the same type of graphics card, will the final game performance be exactly the same? The answer is of course not the same! The specific reason starts with the limitation of power consumption by the structure of the game book itself.

NVIDIA GeforceRTX30 series mobile graphics card features

As a mobile platform, the product form of the game is different from the desktop computer. The operating power consumption of hardware such as graphics cards is more strictly limited. The difference in power consumption will have a direct impact on the performance release of the graphics card. Take NVIDIA GeForce®RTX™30 series mobile graphics card as an example. The power consumption range of the RTX3080Ti is 80-150W, the power consumption of the RTX3070 is 80-125W, and the mainstream dessert-grade RTX3060 is 60-115W. The dynamic range of different types of graphics cards is very different. Each manufacturer will set the power consumption wall of the graphics card according to its own product form, power supply and cooling capacity. Specifically for the RTX3060 mobile graphics card, the minimum power consumption of Max-Q for thin and light gaming notebooks is 60W, and manufacturers can configure an additional 50W space for adjustment; the minimum power consumption of Max-P for full-size gaming notebooks must also be maintained at 80W, and manufacturers also The power consumption adjustment space of 35W can be configured. However, for the RTX3060 mobile graphics card, 115W is not really full power consumption. As for the reason, we have to mention DynamicBoost2.0 technology here. In the past, the CPU and GPU power of game books were fixed, while the load of games and creative applications was dynamic, and the system requirements changed with the number of frames. NVIDIA introduced DynamicBoost 2.0 technology in the RTX30 series mobile graphics card. Through this technology, the AI ​​​​network will continuously optimize the power consumption of the processor, graphics card core and video memory according to actual needs to achieve the release of the highest performance of the whole machine. In scenarios where the processor is not loaded and the graphics card is under great pressure (such as when playing games), the power consumption of the graphics card can be further increased. For example, the Max-P version of the RTX3060 notebook GPU can add an additional 25W to 140W. . The OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro tested this time is equipped with an RTX3060 mobile graphics card, in order to achieve 140W full power output. For the DynamicBoost2.0 technology, the machine has made special optimizations in the power supply module and the heat dissipation of the fuselage. The first is the power adapter part. The power of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro has been increased from 230W of the previous generation to 280W to provide a stronger output power and guarantee the full blood release of the hardware. The phenomenon of drawing power from the battery does not occur even during double roasting. Secondly, in terms of heat dissipation, the cool storm heat dissipation technology has been strongly upgraded. This model equipped with RTX3060 graphics card has a two-in, four-out six-air duct design. The opening rate of the air inlet is increased to 68%, and the opening rate of the air outlet is increased to 90%, which expands the overall volume of the air duct and brings greater ventilation. From the inside, this OMEN Shadow Elf 8ProRTX3060 version model has a total of five built-in heat pipes, including two 8mm main heat pipes, the total heat pipe length is increased by 22%, and the total number of heat dissipation fins has reached 206. The two fans use an innovative Y-shaped fan blade design. Officials say that this design can increase the density of the blades by more than 30%, thereby enhancing air conductivity. Together with a 12V three-phase motor and liquid bearings, it can achieve high efficiency and low noise.

Furmark test

Thanks to the comprehensive upgrade of power supply and heat dissipation, the OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro game book can be said to have no pressure on the RTX3060 graphics card. In a room temperature environment of 25°C, turn on the furious mode through OMENGamingHub, and use Furmark to stress test the graphics card when the processor is not under load. The power consumption is released to 140.5W, and the core temperature is only 83.3°C, which truly interprets the full power consumption. Performance release.

Theoretical performance test of graphics card

Next, we use 3DMark to test the theoretical performance. In FireStrike, which reflects the performance of DX11 games, the graphics card score of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is 22536, and the overall score is 22536. is 20856. Compared with the average value of the RTX3060 laptop GPU in the 3DMark online database, it is much higher, fully demonstrating the high performance brought by the release of 140W full power consumption. In the TimeSpy project that reflects the performance of DX12, the graphics card score of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is 9243, and the overall score is 9746, which is still much higher than the average of the whole network. From the theoretical performance test, the 140W full power consumption RTX3060 mobile graphics card has proved its strength with excellent test scores.

Game Test Experience

At 2560×1440 resolution, we tested several popular popular games, including "Cyberpunk 2077", "Assassin's Creed" Origins, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Far Cry 5, Gears of War 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, World War Z and Middle-earth World: Shadow of War, the resolution is set to 2560×1440, the picture quality and special effects of all games are turned on to the highest, and the vertical sync is turned off. The first is "Cyberpunk 2077". Under the super quality setting, even at 2560×1440 resolution, OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro can stabilize the average frame rate at 35.33FPS, and the picture is basically smooth. After adjusting the preset image quality to "Ray Tracing: Super", the DLSS quality is automatic, and the average running frame rate has increased to 37.88FPS. "Assassin's Creed: Origins", the average frame rate of 73FPS. The average frame rate of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is 55FPS. The average frame rate of Far Cry 5 is 85FPS. The average frame rate of Gears of War 5 is 70.3FPS. The average frame rate of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is 70FPS. Forza Horizon 4 has an average frame rate of 155FPS. The average frame rate of World War Z is 152FPS. Middle-earth: Shadow of War has an average frame rate of 82FPS. Overall, even if tested at a high resolution of 2560×1440, OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro can still ensure the smooth running of most 3A games, and the 140W full power consumption RTX3060 graphics card is indispensable. Of course, for players who pursue a higher frame rate, the screen resolution can also be set to the standard 1920×1080 to enjoy higher fluency while taking into account the picture quality.


Whether it is theoretical performance test or actual game experience, the performance of OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro is very good. Thanks to the upgrade of the power supply module and cooling module, the hardware performance release capability has been further improved, and the RTX3060 mobile graphics card equipped can continue to run stably at 140W power consumption. As a consumer, in addition to paying attention to the hardware configuration such as the processor and graphics card model when purchasing a game book, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the heat dissipation and performance release level. If the former determines the performance lower limit of a game book, then the latter The latter determines its performance ceiling. Of course, if you have high requirements for both, then you might as well buy this OMEN Shadow Elf 8Pro. The full power consumption can not be underestimated, and it can easily help you enjoy a smooth gaming experience. For details, please click

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