Teach you how to convert PDF to CAD in one minute, super easy! Engineers, designers please collect

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Teach you how to convert PDF to CAD in one minute, super easy! Engineers, designers please collect

Converting PDF to CAD is an old headache for many design friends! In fact, the operation is very simple, the editor will teach you a few methods today, and you will never worry about the conversion in the future! The following 3 tools can easily convert PDF to CAD, simple, convenient and efficient!

1. Drawing Processing Expert

http://www.dwgsoft.com/ A website dedicated to converting CAD, no need to log in , supports free conversion within 2M and uploading PDF files can be processed online, but the conversion speed of the website is a bit slow, you need to wait patiently Summary: ①Free conversion, simple operation ②Slightly slow conversion speed ③Upload limit within 2M

2.CAD online conversion website

https://app.xunjiecad.com/pdf2cad?zhwhg09-492180147A free CAD online conversion website with more functions Rich: Supports page number selection for conversion; supports dwg, dxf two CAD formats. Old Hu personally tested, the server is stable, the conversion speed is fast, and it can accurately restore the drawing website. In addition, it also supports CAD to PDF, CAD to JPG, CAD version conversion and other functions Summary: ①Simple, fast, free ②Support batch processing, Multiple PDF files can be uploaded ③The server is stable and the conversion effect is good ④Upload limit within 1M

3.CAD converter client

https://www.xunjiecad.com/download-converter.html?zhwhg09-492180147 Quick CAD Converter Client, with more functions, more comprehensive settings, and support for larger file conversions. Open the software, find the "PDF to CAD" function, upload the file to start the conversion (you can also upload the entire folder in batches), the operation is very simple, and the conversion speed is very fast. The conversion effect: the format is complete, the drawings are clear! Excellent summary: ①Simple, fast, fast conversion ②Support batch processing, can upload multiple PDF files ③Clear drawings, good conversion effect ④Comprehensive functions, support larger PDF files If it helps you! Remember to give me a like! Forwarding it out can help more designers!

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