This phone ranks first in the world, but I advise you not to buy it

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This phone ranks first in the world, but I advise you not to buy it

As a pure sci-fi fan, every time a related movie is launched, I will always go to watch it as soon as possible. It's just that the sci-fi movies in the past few years have made me a little uneasy, but the sci-fi that is clearly the main focus has become more and more metaphysical. Although science fiction movies do have to give full play to their imaginations, their brain holes are too misguided, and it is uncomfortable to watch! In the end, the plot didn't come back, and the last "Undecided, Quantum Mechanics" style finale was over. It's no wonder that when we talk about "quantum" in recent years, everyone feels a bit unreliable. Putting the movie aside for now, I understand that what I want to talk about today is also "quantum", which should be called "quantum mobile phone" to be precise. A few days ago, I swiped on our Weibo account, and the world's first "Beidou Quantum Phone" was released suddenly! Quantum XX, such as quantum physics, quantum communication, quantum computer, etc., I believe everyone must have heard of it. What is a "quantum phone"? Is it worth it for ordinary people to start with? After reading this article you will have the answer.

Quantum phone debut

A few days ago, at the 2022 China-ASEAN Satellite Application Industry Cooperation Forum, the world's first Beidou quantum phone " Duang" debuted. The mobile phone was launched by Northern Rayco (Anhui) Technology Co., Ltd. After the release, 20 quantum mobile phones were sent to Guangxi Satellite Application Industry Association. Back to our question today, is a quantum mobile phone the same as a quantum computer, and its computing power is very good? I understand that I want to pour cold water on everyone and reveal the answer immediately. This thing has nothing to do with the "quantum mechanics" we usually know. Source: [email protected] Daily According to the official statement, the Beidou quantum mobile phone has ordinary mobile phone functions, focusing on the "secure and confidential mobile phone function" that combines Beidou technology and quantum technology. Don't look at the bells and whistles, to put it bluntly, quantum mobile phones mainly use "quantum key distribution technology" to prevent call eavesdropping and information transmission from being monitored. Next, I will try my best to use human words to explain to my friends what is the use of this technology. Photo source: Weibo @Guangxi Daily For example, when brother and friends use the mobile phone of this technology to make a call, a random and secure key will be generated during the call to encrypt the content of the call. And oh, because the quantum key has a unique randomness, the difficulty of cracking the content is greatly increased. If someone does not believe in evil and wants to eavesdrop, this will touch on the nature of quantum key distribution - measuring the quantum system will cause interference and be discovered by both parties on the call. Based on the above properties, quantum key distribution is not only suitable for operators 4 / 5G, but also for Beidou short message encryption. Of course, I just took a phone call as an example, and other operations such as sending text messages are the same principle. So, after understanding brother's explanation, now the little friends know what the so-called quantum mobile phone is. Without the computing power of a quantum computer, nor the mystery of quantum physics, it is essentially an encrypted mobile phone. In my opinion, it is still a good name to call it "Beidou Quantum Phone", it should be called "Secure Encrypted Phone". And I have rummaged through the news and the official website, but I haven't seen the real picture of the quantum mobile phone. It is very likely that it will look like the picture below. Source: North Leike

Quantum mobile phone has its predecessors

Having said that, I understand that brother found out, in fact, it was a long time ago. Some manufacturers have tried to launch similar quantum phones. For example, in May 2020, the Galaxy A Quantum 5G smartphone jointly launched by Samsung and SK Telecom is equipped with the world's first quantum random number generator (QRNG) chipset. Yes, it is the first in the world. . . Well, this QRNG also uses quantum cryptography to generate random and unpredictable security keys to enhance the security of various apps on mobile phones. Source: Samsung However, in contrast, the Samsung Galaxy A Quantum looks much more normal, much the same as the Android phones of the year. At that time, the mobile phone was priced at 649,000 won, or about 3,267 yuan in today's yuan. What do you guys think? One thing to say, Samsung's quantum mobile phone sold well, and it shipped more than 300,000 units in the half year after its release. Looking at the posture, consumers are quite enthusiastic about the information encryption technology of quantum mobile phones. Source: In addition to foreign manufacturers, I found that domestic manufacturers have also released and sold similar "quantum encryption mobile phones". In May of this year, China Telecom launched what it claims is the industry's first mobile phone equipped with a quantum secure call product - Tianyi No. 1 2022. Well, according to the official introduction, Tianyi No. 1 2022 uses a technology called "Tianyi Quantum HD Secret Speech". There are three layers of information protection: using domestic customized mobile phones, quantum security SIM cards and national secret algorithms, it sounds very safe. Photo source: Because China Telecom mainly focuses on quantum encrypted calls, the overall configuration of the mobile phone is also mediocre. The phone is equipped with a Tanggula T770 chip, a 6.5-inch FHD + 90 Hz screen, and a 48-megapixel main camera. 6GB+128GB is priced at 1499 yuan. The price of the thousand yuan machine is equipped with the price of the thousand yuan machine, and there are more quantum encrypted calls. This price is quite reasonable. Having said that, I understand the old rules to talk about whether the "quantum mobile phone" at this stage is worth it. First of all, it is necessary to clarify a concept. The current quantum mobile phone is mainly used for information encryption, but there is no quantum computing. For most ordinary people, operations such as making calls and sending messages do not need this level of encryption, and the privacy protection that comes with mobile phones is enough to deal with it. However, there are exceptions to everything. If you really need information encryption, it is OK to buy a quantum phone as a backup machine. However, I would like to remind you that if you want to achieve quantum mobile phone information encryption, the other party must also use quantum mobile phones, and both of you must open the operator's quantum-related services. No way, now quantum mobile phones are not as magical as sci-fi movies. About the "quantum mobile phone", I will talk about it here today. I will do a small survey again. Will you buy it? Cover image source: network rendering

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