Outrageous! Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra was actually abused by this phone?

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Outrageous! Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra was actually abused by this phone?

It has to be said that since mobile phone manufacturers took pictures inside, the DXOMARK ranking has become an authoritative list. Every mobile phone launch to the photo session, must take the DXOMARK ranking to blow a wave, especially Huawei Xiaomi. Source: DXOMARK official website XX brand XXX model, Duang! The total score of DXOMARK camera is the first, so it's coming. However, this year's mobile phone conference, I believe everyone has the feeling that DXOMARK's appearance frequency is getting lower and lower. Not only that, but even the score ranking of DXOMARK makes my brother more and more incomprehensible. Didn't the rankings announced yesterday shocked me a lot. The Xiaomi Super Cup can't even beat these mobile phones? !

Mi 12S Ultra camera ranking released

To say that the DXOMARK ranking is confusing, we have to start with Xiaomi 12S Ultra . As Xiaomi's super cup this year, before the release, it was reported that a 1-inch outsole at the camera meeting, plus a joint blessing from Leica. So, this wave of rumors has whetted the appetite of spectators. Everyone guessed that the first overall score of DXOMARK cameras is Xiaomi? I didn't think that Lei Jun's new machine was warmed up and said "no test". Not only was the machine stunned, but even DXOMARK was panicked. Photo source: As soon as Xiaomi Lei Jun finished speaking, DXOMARK immediately posted a small composition on his official WeChat account. Basically, DXOMARK is professional and objective. Even if the manufacturer does not send the test machine, they will buy it for evaluation. The implication is obvious, even if it is not sent for testing, the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra will not escape the DXOMARK test. Source: Weibo @DXOMARK officially waited for two months for the news yesterday, DXOMARK announced the camera score and ranking of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra. Well, the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra camera scored 138, ranking 5th in the world. This wave is not only inferior to the Honor Magic 4 Premium Edition, Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei Mate 40 Pro+. Even the 11 Ultra of the previous generation can't compare, with a full 5 points difference. Is it possible that the outsole plus Leica is in the wrong direction? Image source: The advantages and disadvantages given by DXOMARK official website DXOMARK are as follows, everyone can take a look, I won't go into details if you understand. Source: DXOMARK official website Ran Goose According to the feedback from netizens, most people stand in line with Xiaomi, but question the authority of DXOMARK evaluation. Some netizens said that the 12S Ultra camera is trained with Leica this time, and there is no need for the DXOMARK set. Source: IT House and netizens feel that this result shows that if you don’t give money and do not optimize, the score will be low, and DXOMARK has no reference. Source: IT House understands that brother is not an evaluation professional, but judging from the test results on DXOMARK's official website, there is a problem. Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra provides three imaging styles: Default, Leica Vivid and Leica Classic, but the comparison standard of DXOMARK photo proofs has not been unified. As soon as I knew my brother, I couldn’t stop in Bengbu. Friends who have used the Xiaomi Mi 12S series know that the Leica Vivid and Leica classic imaging styles are very different. As an "independent and objective" professional evaluation agency, this kind of "I thought it was" operation really shouldn't be. . . Source: DXOMARK official website and the following one, Apple and Samsung photos are the default mode, but Xiaomi's photos are Leica vivid presets. Why not put the default mode of Xiaomi and the classic mode of Leica together, and I don't understand it. Source: DXOMARK official website for more comparisons of different standards, interested friends can go directly to DXOMARK official website to see. There is one thing to say, in fact, DXOMARK has been operating continuously in recent years, and it is stunned to play the authoritative list as a manufacturer's lightning protection list.

The show operation loses fairness

I will take stock of it below. Well, when DXOMARK is evaluating green factory mobile phones, It rolled over several times. For example, in the screen test of OPPO Find X2 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro, the same screen measured different results. The OPPO machine said that the burn-in caused the uneven bright part at the top, and the reason for OnePlus was that the screen color was uneven. Source: DXOMARK's official website said that with such a double standard, the screen score of OnePlus 8 Pro is more than ten points higher than that of OPPO Find X2 Pro. With this wave of DXOMARK operations, it is no wonder that Shen Yiren, the former vice president of OPPO, is going to complain on Weibo. Photo source: Weibo @Confident eyebrows What's more outrageous is that DXOMARK was also picked up, and the evaluation Find X2 Pro did not even tear off the protective film. . . . Source: DXOMARK official website This is not over yet, the protagonist is still OPPO, this time it is the turn of the Find X3 Pro evaluation. The Find X3 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens is equipped with a free-form lens, but the DXOMARK is "missing" as soon as it is measured. The most basic parameters are wrongly marked, and DXOMARK has also analyzed a wave of them. I understand that I was laughed at. Source: After the green factory on the DXOMARK official website was placed twice in a row, last year Liu Zuohu also announced that the OnePlus 9 series would not be sent to DXOMARK for testing. Photo source: Weibo @刘青虎 ran goose Follow-up DXOMARK conducted a OnePlus 9 Pro evaluation by himself, and the final camera score was 124, everyone can check it out~ Photo source: DXOMARK official website So, in these waves of "mistakes" or "unprofessionalism" Under the evaluation of DXOMARK, it seems that DXOMARK is no longer so independent and objective. Coupled with the withdrawal of the two "big brothers" of Huawei and Xiaomi, DXOMARK, which once squeezed its head and wanted to enter, and also boasted at the press conference, is no longer popular. Of course, I still have to remind you, brother, that it does not mean that the list of DXOMARK was killed with a single stick. In many respects, DXOMARK still has its specialty, but the score ranking is for reference only, don't be superstitious about "the only authority". Cover image source: Honor official website

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