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Avoid express leaks privacy

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Avoid express leaks privacy

[PConline Application] Receiving express delivery is the most common thing, but after receiving the express delivery, how do you deal with the express delivery note attached to the express box? Did you smear out the information above? You must know that express delivery orders have become the hardest hit area for information leakage! A courier note with the recipient's name, address, phone number, and even the item name on it, has become the fragrant bun of the black and gray industry chain. These leaked express orders have become "weapons and ammunition" for illegal telecommunications activities such as Internet fraud. The risk of personal information leakage of express orders is not only when they are discarded after receipt, but also there are risk channels of leakage during transportation. So how can we better protect our private information? No, Taobao has launched an "order number protection" service, which can help users protect their real mobile phone numbers and avoid privacy leakage. Let's take a look at how this service is used. How to enable order number protection? First of all, we have to upgrade the Taobao mobile client to the latest version, and then enable the "order number protection" function in the following steps. Open steps: Taobao→My Taobao→Settings button in the upper right corner→Privacy→Order number protection→Open. Figure 1 Turning on the order number protection service What is the use of order number protection? After the order number protection function is turned on, the buyer's real mobile phone number will be kept secret throughout the transaction process, and the merchant and courier company can only view a temporary dedicated line number. Of course, they can also contact you through the dedicated line number. The dedicated line number will automatically expire 15 days after the order is successfully traded. Do all Taobao merchants support this service? It should be noted that there are still some merchants that do not support the order number protection service. And whether the merchant supports the service, the user can check whether the merchant supports it when making the payment step. Figure 2 Supported merchants can turn on the function and turn on the order number protection. What to do when receiving short messages On the user's mobile phone number (the information also includes the pickup number), and the dedicated line number currently does not support the SMS forwarding function, so the buyer cannot receive SMS notification. The solution is for the buyer to check the order status and pickup number in Alipay → Cainiao applet, and Alipay will also notify when the courier arrives at the station. Figure 3 The Alipay rookie applet can view the courier information summary. After the number protection service is enabled, the user's mobile phone number can be effectively protected. If you are concerned about privacy and security, you can quickly activate it.

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