What is the relationship between CAD drawings and PDF? 4 reasons why they are inseparable! you may not know

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What is the relationship between CAD drawings and PDF? 4 reasons why they are inseparable! you may not know

Many people don't know what is the relationship between CAD drawings and PDF. Why do you always need to convert between the two formats? Today I will give you a brief analysis!

The relationship between CAD and PDF

CAD is called computer-aided design in Chinese, that is, any design completed with the help of a computer . From automobiles to video games, from buildings to sewage systems, almost all design today is done with the aid of computers. CAD software is a tool that allows designers, engineers, architects, game designers, animators, etc. to "talk" to a computer. CAD software uses complex mathematical algorithms to display 2D and 3D images on a computer screen or send this information to a machine for fabrication. Usually we refer to "CAD software" as "CAD" for short. A CAD file is a file used to store CAD drawings or "CAD models" and can be in a variety of file formats. Some of the most common CAD file types are: dwg; dxf; stp; eps. Although PDF is not a CAD file format, it is closely related to CAD. ①The support of the PDF format for vector graphics can be said to be very friendly, especially the graphics can be enlarged and reduced without affecting the clarity of the graphics. ②The page layout of files in PDF format is fixed, so we don't have to worry about the problem of format disorder when printing, transmitting, and viewing across devices. ③PDF has a high compression ratio, and while ensuring clarity, the file size is very small. ④PDF can freely set file permissions, such as restricting editing, restricting opening, restricting printing, restricting copying rights, setting passwords, etc. Therefore, in the work docking, it is a common choice to save the CAD drawings in PDF format for presentation and transmission. After all, Party A and the leader can't open the CAD editor to see your drawings, right? This makes a lot of design headaches, don't panic, I recommend 2 free and easy-to-use software that can convert CAD to PDF!

1. Online CAD conversion to PDF

https://app.xunjiecad.com/cad2pdf?zhwhg08-63355505No need to download software, The conversion of small files can be handled online. ①Support batch conversion; ②CAD file supports DWG, DWT, DXF format; ③The conversion effect supports color and black and white options. Tested it, the server is stable, the conversion speed is fast, and the effect is very good. The website does not need to log in, but only supports free conversion of files within 1M! In addition, the website also supports functions such as PDF to CAD, CAD to JPG, and CAD version conversion.

2. Xunjiecad Converter Client

https://www.xunjiecad.com/download-converter.html?zhwhg08 -63355505 The client converter has more functions, more comprehensive settings, and supports larger file conversions. Find the "CAD to PDF" function in the software, you can upload multiple files, or the entire folder. Here you can set the output color, page size, background color, and output quality. Click on the lower right corner to batch convert. Conversion effect: open normally, with complete format and clear drawings. great! In addition to this, the software also supports CAD version conversion, PDF to CAD, CAD to image, DWG to DXF conversion, and CAD to DWF. There are many functions, which basically meet the conversion needs of daily design! Today's content is shared here, do you understand? Please like + forward to help more people!

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