Share 5 websites where you can find college books and collect them! learn at home

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Share 5 websites where you can find college books and collect them! learn at home

Sharing 5 book websites and the method of searching for books, you can find textbooks and books for various subjects and majors in the university. There are many resources. It is recommended to collect them and learn at home!

1. Panda Book Search website includes many search engines. What kind of teaching materials can be searched one by one. For example, when I search for advanced mathematics here, I can see a series of teaching material resources

2. Higher Education Academy There are many website resources, including higher education, vocational education, examination books, academic works, etc. Only online reading is supported

3.Tao Lianke website is an external chain resource aggregation search engine, you can search a lot on it All textbooks and study books can be downloaded for free The website of textbooks, you can find college textbooks of different disciplines. The content includes various disciplines: including C language, management, medical imaging, marketing, calculus, college Chinese, computer basics, advanced mathematics, Chinese pharmacy, etc. All are is a PDF version, free download

5.E Book Alliance provides some The download of teaching materials for science and engineering, including EXE, PDF, CHM, DJVU, DOC and other formats, some can be downloaded, and some can be read online!

6. Baidu Search

Use Baidu to search for the textbook you need, followed by the suffix microdisk. For example: "Advanced Mathematics Microdisk", so that some PDF resources can be accurately searched.

7. Format conversion free format conversion website , The formats of textbooks, books and other materials are diversified, including PDF, Word and other formats. If you need to convert documents, you can use this website to do it online!
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