7 practical Word tips to help you improve your work efficiency, none of them can be missed

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7 practical Word tips to help you improve your work efficiency, none of them can be missed

Pay attention to workplace office, share practical dry goods, and gain insight into scientific and technological information! Hello everyone, this is the workplace technology fan~
Whether it is a student party or a professional, the use of Word is inevitable, and it is essential to master some skills. Today, I will share with you 7 practical Word tips to help you improve your work efficiency, none of which can be missed. 01. Split-screen check document Checking two documents requires contextual comparison. You can’t imagine that Word comes with a split-screen function. Click [View] on the toolbar and select [Split] to easily achieve this. 02. Jump to the specified page. Besides scrolling the mouse, is there any way to quickly jump to page 50? Open the document, select [Start] on the upper toolbar, click [Find] at the upper right, and select [Go to] the specific page number. 03. File format conversion When you write a Word document, but the boss needs PDF format, what should you do? We can use this artifact for fast conversion of document formats - Quick PDF Converter, open it and click [Word to PDF] on the left, put the required documents in it, and click Convert. The point is that it can be processed in batches, which greatly improves work efficiency. 04. Printing the entire form Colleagues want to print out the content of the long form, but this form is too "thin", and the printing of slender forms is too wasteful, how can we save more paper? It will be more troublesome to deal with in Excel, but to copy it into Word, you only need to select [Layout] on the upper toolbar, click [Columns], and select the specific number of columns according to your needs. 05. Print part of the text Word can print the specified page, how to print some paragraph text in the document? It's very simple, just select the content you want to print, and select [Print Selected Content] when printing. 06. Quickly locate pictures In extremely large documents such as papers and tenders, there are usually diagrams and charts without any rules. If you want to check all the charts at once, how can you quickly locate them by object type? You only need to press [Ctrl+G] to quickly open the positioning window, click the search type image, and you can quickly filter by type. 07. Check the document box With the popularity of electronic documents, everyone must have encountered such a situation as checking the box before multiple choices. Many friends print out the document and tick it manually. In fact, this operation can be achieved in Word: Click [Insert]-[Symbols]-[Other Symbols]-[Font]-[Wingdings2], insert a boxed check mark. The 7 practical Word tips above will help you improve your work efficiency, and none of them can be missed.

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