iQOO Z6 experience: 80W fast charging and X-axis motor bring qualitative changes?

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iQOO Z6 experience: 80W fast charging and X-axis motor bring qualitative changes?

In the thousand-yuan mobile phone market in recent years, the product power and influence of the iQOO Z series should not be underestimated. They can often inherit the design style of iQOO's mid-to-high-end products, while bringing high performance and excellent comprehensive performance. Value for money. For consumers who have a limited budget and want to get as many quality experiences as possible, the iQOO Z series has always met their expectations. Now iQOO Z6 is officially released, there are 8GB+128GB (1699 yuan), 8GB+256GB (1899 yuan), 12GB+256GB (2099 yuan) three versions. How much has this new thousand-yuan mobile phone changed compared to the previous generation, and what are the similarities and differences among products in the same price range? Let's take a look together.

The LCD screen with full parameters has a good-looking appearance

iQOO Z6 is equipped with an LCD hole-digging screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate , provides a 7-speed refresh rate variable speed matching mainstream video and game content, and a maximum touch sampling rate of 240Hz. In terms of display specifications, it covers 100% of the P3 color gamut, supports 4096-level brightness adjustment, has smoother stepless dimming at low brightness, can display at a minimum brightness of 1nit, and has global DC dimming and hardware anti-blue light. (Source: Lei Technology) Display specifications "full" can be said to be a major trend in mid-range LCD screen mobile phones, but it is just that no matter how good the parameters are, they have to serve the actual look and feel in the end. This screen looks quite delicate to the naked eye, and the display smoothness is good. There is also a large-angle display effect attenuation and some obvious "chin" that the LCD of the same level will have. But thinking of the price starting from 1699 yuan, it will not make people care at all. After looking at the screen that is trying to do better, let's take a look at the back that is related to the recognition of modern smartphones. The iQOO Z6 obtained by Lei Technology has a golden orange color scheme, which provides a bright orange color as the name says, and the AG frosted effect will produce a strong sense of presence with the light. It's uniform overall but a bit paler than other orange iQOO phones, like the popular orange juice drink. (Source: Lei Technology) The rear camera part is a very fresh dual-ring design in iQOO mobile phones. The main camera and two sub-cameras are included on the main rear camera cover. iQOO is called the inspiration double-ring, which is very good. Completed the task of improving the design sense of the whole machine. The slender middle frame is slightly raised, with a layer of golden sandblasting, and with the slightly larger arc of the back cover, the grip tends to be grasped, and the size of the phone also has a sense of presence. Like many mobile phones at the same price, the iQOO Z6 cannot have particularly dazzling material performance, but we still see iQOO's insistence on design. A lot of texture or design elements that have appeared on iQOO high-end mobile phones in the past two years have been continued in this popular product with high fidelity, so that good design does not have to cost a lot of money to buy, which is in the past thousand yuan But it's hard to see it on a mobile phone.

There is no performance leap, but fast charging evolution

Frankly speaking, iQOO Z6 is not the most powerful mobile phone in the same price range in 2022 , but it further squeezed the performance limit of the Snapdragon 778G Plus platform: AnTuTu's running score exceeded 600,000 points, and 3DMark's Wild Life score was 2818 points. This is thanks to iQOO's insistence on matching 6400Mbps LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, making games and daily use smoother and more stable. (Source: Lei Technology) Stability is a highlight of the iQOO Z6, which has a better peripheral configuration and is also equipped with VC heat dissipation. In the 20-minute extreme stress test of 3DMark, the stability can even reach 99.6%. Flagship phones are hard to come by. In the actual experience, in "Honor of Kings", which supports games at a maximum of 90 frames, the picture quality is pulled to the highest allowed, and the average frame rate is above 59.5. This is a very interesting choice: limited by cost and various factors, it is difficult for a thousand-yuan mobile phone to make a huge performance improvement. In contrast, mainstream mobile games have slowed down the speed of performance gap improvement. Relatively good picture quality and high frame rate do not require too strong performance. Therefore, from the user's point of view, it is more important to be able to stabilize the game for a long time. The iQOO Z6 just made such a choice. The iQOO Z6 is equipped with a 4500mAh dual-cell battery, coupled with the relatively balanced energy consumption performance of the Snapdragon 778G Plus, so it has a mid-to-high level of battery life: after one hour each of "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", Local music and video playback from station b, plus half an hour of 1080P30 frame video recording, at this time, there is still 51% of the power left. (Source: Lei Technology) The charging part is worth talking about. For the first time in the series, 80W flash charging is used. This is also the fast charging specification newly introduced by vivo/iQOO in 2022. The speed is close to hundreds of watts. performance, and the body heat and the size of the charger have not changed much compared to the past. The iQOO Z6 can be charged to about 50% in 10 minutes, and from 1% to 100% in 32 minutes. Replenishing energy has always been a link related to the experience of using mobile phones, especially in this era when almost everyone can't leave the phone, fast charging greatly facilitates preparations before going out and power supply during continuous use. What is special about the iQOO Z6 is that at this price, the speed and heating experience are quite good, and the charger is also convenient for a fast charging experience when going out.

The high-end machine experience is decentralized, and there are more headphone jacks

iQOO Z6 is not positioned as high as the high-end products that debuted this year, but it is still based on Android 12, the factory is equipped with the fully functional OriginOS Ocean for iQOO system. This allows users to also use interesting new functions such as atomic notes, atomic reading, atomic notifications, etc., and can customize the interface to a more familiar appearance according to their own usage habits. Due to the built-in powerful X-axis linear motor, the "4D game vibration" can be turned on when using iQOO Z6 to play games, and you can experience tactile feedback other than sound and picture in popular games. The "simulated mechanical keyboard" function that appeared on high-end mobile phones has also been decentralized, which can turn the input method into the appearance of a Logitech/Luofei mechanical keyboard, and the input experience has greatly evolved compared with the past. (Source: Lei Technology) iQOO Z6 uses a side fingerprint with a two-in-one power fingerprint. The response speed is the fastest among the side fingerprint models. All the buttons on the fuselage provide a firm button feel. NFC is also a function that greatly improves the mobile phone experience: after years of development, it currently supports transportation cards that can be used in more than 300 cities, and supports eID and BYD car keys in addition to simulating access control campus cards. The iQOO Z6 has a single speaker at the bottom and does not use the earpiece as the top speaker, which is a pity for users who want a better external audio experience. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the left side of the USB-C interface at the bottom. You can insert headphones to listen to music and watch videos. Wired headphones may still be the main listening method for users in this price range, so it is worth affirming the persistence of manufacturers. (Source: Lei Technology) And we have always advocated that it is necessary to wear headphones to listen to music in public, so as not to disturb others.

Classic sensor with OIS, stable photos

Although iQOO Z6 nominally has three rear cameras, the 64MP main camera + The combination of 2MP macro + 2MP depth of field makes it clear that the main camera is responsible for almost all shooting tasks. There is no super wide-angle sub-camera, so it takes a lot of effort to shoot wide-angle pictures, but the main camera is also enhanced in disguise – using the GW3 sensor that has appeared in many mid-to-high-end mobile phones, and with OIS optical image stabilization. (Source: Lei Technology) So we can see that the iQOO Z6 main camera shows the orientation of enhancing saturation to improve the first-look experience when shooting most daytime scenes, which is also the GW3 sensor of several previous vivo/iQOO models On the mobile phone, the photo-forming style has been verified by user word-of-mouth. OIS makes long-exposure shooting in low-light scenes with better brightness and clarity, while noise control is stronger than most products in the same price range. Just take a look at the main camera sample of iQOO Z6, some of which are shot at double zoom.


The old rules, and finally make a summary of the iQOO Z6 that focuses more on comprehensive experience improvement. Advantages 1. 80W flash charging speed is fast, and the negative experience is relatively less. 2. X-axis linear motor, NFC, optical image stabilization improves the experience. 3. The design is good and the quality is not enough. When you come to the Snapdragon 778G Plus platform, you may feel that this phone does not have much sincerity. After all, in the cognition accumulated in the past, performance is the core dimension representing a thousand-yuan mobile phone. But if you look at other parts, you can feel the efforts made by the iQOO Z6 for experience evolution: fast charging, beautiful design, and input tactility, all of which have brought the whole machine experience to a higher level. iQOO does not only focus on pure performance improvement. On the premise that the performance is sufficient to cope with many daily use scenarios, it strengthens the specifications that have not yet been popularized in this price range, and can definitely bring qualitative changes to the user experience. These have not been deeply understood by the users of the thousand yuan machine, and once they have experienced it, it is difficult to return to the era of indifference.

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